Party like back in the 20´s

Feather boa, Charleston dress and dandy suit Enjoy the awareness of life, the pleasure and the joy of being of the golden 20s. Glamorous and sophisticated was their performance in the evening, dressed in pearls and silk. For one night we let the golden age revive.

The “men combo” provide musical enthusiasm and plenty of positive atmosphere. The humorous trio sings, swings and sounds like in the good old days! True to original style, full of energy and esprit and of course without amplifiers or other technical aids, live and unplugged.

With their sophisticated artistry the “Duo Equilibre” guarantees amusement, integrated in a sensitive production. Varied and emotional they put heart and soul into their music. Entertaining puzzle and skill games invite you to communicate with each other, small and big achievements create enthusiasm at the table.



Tickets are available now.

*to be announced*

7.00 pm, Boppard
7.15 pm, Kamp

EUR 25.00 per person


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