Night and fog

World champion of the great illusion: Julius Frack is a modern, internationally experienced and award-winning illusionist who guarantees the highest quality for his events: Julius’ characteristics are his personable manner and stylishly staged and inventive illusions on a world class level.

Julius’ strengths have already convinced many international juries: original acts with strong effects and the involvement of the audience during the show. In doing so, he creates an extremely stimulating atmosphere affecting the entire event. With his personality and charismatic appearance, Julius creates a unique, high-quality entertainment. His performances are characterized by a high degree of professionalism; more than 25 years of international experience in show business and his eloquence guarantee an all-around successful show.

Julius FrackĀ“s Magic Pearls is an ensemble that creates spectacular illusions. Magical powers, elegance and sensuality are combined to their most beautiful form.
With astonishing magical effects, inexplicable phenomena, daring transformations and water performances are being performed.
Being sensual and delicate in their appearance, illusions might be also hard and rough: heads cut off or bodies being pierced with spears.
The perfect illusion in an extraordinary atmosphere.

Tickets are available now.


7.00 pm, Boppard
7.15 pm, Kamp

approx. 11.00 pm, Boppard

EUR 34.00 per person


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